Album Artwork

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Christmas Compilation 2014
Dragon Wagon - Live on WCBN
Dragon Wagon (Mock Up)
Spaghetti Zombies (Mock Up 1)
Spaghetti Zombies (Mock Up 2)
Capaul - Ramones Logo
Capaul - Roostertail Live
Christmas Compilation

This was the artwork for the 2014 Christmas compilation. Every year is a different theme, and this year was all swing type music.

The artist name forming a tree was my way of listing them all on the cover without making it appear like a list.

Created in Illustrator, then the snow background was done in Photoshop.

Dragon Wagon WCBN

This was the artwork for a live radio broadcast that the band used to burn to cd and give away to fans for free, then they decided to put it up on their Bandcamp site.

When loading to Bandcamp, the album needed artwork so I chose an old-time radio to represent the recording being from a broadcast, then put a decorative ring just to spruce it up.

Dragon Wagon Mock Up

This was a mockup for their self-titled release but was turned down because it reminded a few members of Abbey Road by The Beatles. I guess I do see it, and since that is my favorite album by The Beatles, it probably subconsciously work its way in.

This was all done in Photoshop before I knew how to use Illustrator.

Spaghetti Zombies Mock Up

These were created for a horror-punk band of brothers who were working on a tribute album - to themselves.

I tried to incorporate their love of cartoons, skeletons and zombies.

Capaul - Ramones Style Logo

This band loves the Ramones, and wanted to make their version of the famous Ramones circle logo. It incorporates their family crest in a circle with the names around in the same vein as the classically famous Ramones crest.


Event Posters


A lot of the early work I received was from friends in bands who wanted promotional posters made.

Corporate Advertising

These are examples of postcards, magazine ads, and brochures.

Freelance & Work

These were created while freelancing or for work projects over the last few years.

Album Artwork

These were album covers created for bands that I am friends with
(or was in at the time).

Branding & Communications

These are logos and corporate touchpoints created for freelance clients.

Various Other Projects

This is basically an everything else folder ranging from wedding invites to white space animals.

Web Design

These are some of the websites / emails I've designed and built or helped work on for freelance clients.

Freelance Videos

Two commercials made for Adams St. Publishing, which aired on WTOL 24, the CBS affiliate in Toledo, OH.