Branding and Communication

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Murphy Design & Engineering
Murphy Design & Engineering Hat
Murphy Design & Engineering Shirt
Coke-Oven Studios
DDoP (White)
DDoP (Orange)
DDoP (Blue)
Iseler Farms (Wide Jar)
M'Lady's - Logo (B&W)
M'Lady's - Logo (Color)
M'Lady's - Apron
M'Lady's - Polo Shirt
M'Lady's - Farmer's Market Bag
M'Lady's - Business Card
M'Lady's - Mailing Envelope
M'Lady's - Letterhead
Dragon Wagon Michigan Tee
Downriver Day of Percussion

When working on their website design, they asked me if I could update their state and pulse logo. I talked with them, asked about the feel of the clinic, and came up with this logo. It was based on a classic motorcycle patch, but the drum lugs were added a year later.

The colors change every year, with white being the base.

They used it all over the Facebook campaign and also on the free t-shirts for their registered guests.

All logos were created in Illustrator.

Iseler Farms Honey

A small company, keeping bees in the thumb of Michigan, needed a few labels for their jars.

He had the jars and needed specific shaped logos to fit. Maybe I'm partial to round logos, but this one fit the best, and had the most natural feel.

M'Lady's Branding

This was a re-branding task for a local Ann Arbor farmer's market homemade soap company. I began with creating what would be a strong brand recognition logo with the M, put that logo on a few corporate touchpoints (the apron, polo shirt, and the handbag).

Then I created corporate communications in the form of business cards, letter head, and envelopes.

Created using Illustrator and InDesign.

Dragon Wagon T-Shirt

A proud Michigan band, Dragon Wagon wanted to share the Michigan love while out on tour in 2012. It's an effective approach to showcase the outline of the lakes instead of the land, to create the illusion that the land is what you're seeing.

The shirt was created using Photoshop, as that was the program I knew best. Today, it would be built in Illustrator for clean lines.


Event Posters


A lot of the early work I received was from friends in bands who wanted promotional posters made.

Corporate Advertising

These are examples of postcards, magazine ads, and brochures.


Freelance & Work

These were created while freelancing or for work projects over the last few years.

Album Artwork

These were album covers created for bands that I am friends with
(or was in at the time).

Branding & Communications

These are logos and corporate touchpoints created for freelance clients.

Various Other Projects

This is basically an everything else folder ranging from wedding invites to white space animals.

Web Design

These are some of the websites / emails I've designed and built or helped work on for freelance clients.

Freelance Videos

Two commercials made for Adams St. Publishing, which aired on WTOL 24, the CBS affiliate in Toledo, OH.