the classics

I played guitar in The Classics / Swing Shift / Bel-Airs / and bass for the Stardust Big Band, from approximately 2005-2008. These songs were recorded live around 2008, either at a show or in Jim's basement rehearsal space. Funny note: I left amicably, but have to laugh that they Photoshop'd me out of the below pic on their website.


My Recordings


These are recordings I make in my home studio. They're definitely just for the fun!

The Classics Band

I played guitar for The Classics & Bel-Airs from 2005-2008.


I played guitar for Hook'd from 2010-2011

Dragon Wagon

I played bass from

2011-2013. We released an album in 2012.


I played guitar for

The DKB from 2012-2019.


I played guitar in Capaul from 2013-2020. We released an album in 2016.


Eastside Jazz Collective

I play guitar in the EJC, starting in 2017.

The New Normals

I played guitar for

The New Normals in 2017.  

Church / Worship Team

I play guitar on Sundays in worship services. I started in March 2013.

Theater Orchestra

I play guitar and bass (as indicated) in musical theater productions.



I ghost recorded the music, doing all the instruments, production, mixing, lyric edits, etc from 2020-2021