Event Posters & Cause Posters

Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

Roller Derby
Let's Save Michigan
DDoP Poster 2016
DDoP Poster 2015
DW - Tour Poster 2012
DW - Tour Poster 2012
Roller Derby Event

This was created using Illustrator and Photoshop. The background is actually a close up photo of an orange construction cone that I manipulated and changed the color to fit this poster.

The Detroit Roller Derby Girls are very color oriented, and wanted something that fit their company image.

Created in CMYK for print.

Let's Save Michigan

This was created using Illustrator. The lake is a photo of Lake Superior that was image traced to create the the effect.

The poster was used to start the dialogue about the Great Lakes and water conservation.

Created in CMYK for print, and RGB for web.

DDoP Event Posters

These were created using InDesign and Photoshop for an annual percussion clinic. They were looking to ad graphics to their approach and wanted something that fit their style. They gave me samples similar to what they wanted, and I blended some options together to get this final version.

Created in InDesign in CMYK for print.

Dragon Wagon Tour

These two were created using Photoshop. Being one of my earlier, self-taught posters, I didn't know about the vector vs rastor images for Photoshop or Illustrator.

They were going on tour in 2012 and needed updated posters that would grab the attention, yet have a blank space for each venue to write their information in.


Event Posters


A lot of the early work I received was from friends in bands who wanted promotional posters made.

Corporate Advertising

These are examples of postcards, magazine ads, and brochures.


Freelance & Work

These were created while freelancing or for work projects over the last few years.

Album Artwork

These were album covers created for bands that I am friends with
(or was in at the time).

Branding & Communications

These are logos and corporate touchpoints created for freelance clients.

Various Other Projects

This is basically an everything else folder ranging from wedding invites to white space animals.

Web Design

These are some of the websites / emails I've designed and built or helped work on for freelance clients.

Freelance Videos

Two commercials made for Adams St. Publishing, which aired on WTOL 24, the CBS affiliate in Toledo, OH.