the jazz bums

I play guitar for The Jazz Bums, starting in 2017. This entire endeavor is chill based on the people in the group. We play 2-4 times a month, with some months / time off when our schedules conflict because everyone in the group does musical theater productions. Many times, we're working together there so can't book the Bums.

October 24, 2017
Live at Farver's at the Croswell Opera House

My Recordings


These are recordings I make in my home studio. They're definitely just for the fun!

The Classics Band

I played guitar in The Classics & Bel-Airs from 2005-2008.


I played guitar in the

cover band Hook'd from 2010-2011

Dragon Wagon

I played bass from

2011-2013. We released an album in 2012.


I played guitar for

The DKB from 2012-2019.


I currently play guitar for

Capaul, starting in 2013. We released an album in 2016.


The Jazz Bums

I currently play guitar in

The Jazz Bums, starting in 2017.

The New Normals

I played guitar for

The New Normals, in 2017.  

Church / Worship Team

I play guitar on Sundays for worship services. I started in March 2013.

Theater Orchestra

I play guitar and bass (as indicated) for musical theater productions.


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