ameristos. musician. human.

I started playing piano at age five, lessons at six when I would play my older sister's lesson by ear. In grade five (approx. 9-10 years old), I started playing alto & tenor sax. By 14, I had my first guitar, left to me when my papaw passed away. In college, I studied and have a degree in guitar and jazz theory and continue learning anything I can today.

Over the years, I've added drums, clarinet, trumpet, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, upright bass and violin to the fold.


I was born in Dearborn, Michigan, and raisied in the suburbs of Detroit, (sorta, called Westland). I now have come to appreciate the blue collar work-ethic that I picked up and conduct my life by today.


I was gung-ho for moving out of state and making a new life. At 19, I moved to California, and was going to be a beach-bum / guitarist, but I wasn't in the right frame of mind at the time, and I didn't pursue either. While in California, I learned that your problems follow you in life until you deal with them.


And honestly, I floundered for years and didn't actively put myself out there musically, that is, until college, and after. At 17, I dropped out of high school (don't worry, I went back and have a diploma, no GED's for me!), but because of those choices earlier in life, I had to go to a community college to raise my grade point average. Once in college, I began to realize I wasn't a horrible musician and that I had something to offer.


I have been in many, many shows, bands and groups. Check out my Past Projects page for more info and media.


I'd consider myself a guitarist with a saxophonist's mentality. I adore scales and modes and know my role isn't always to stand out. I don't have the rock-star guitarist ego, and can never understand why guitarist think they're so good or important. I am a piece of the puzzle and if I don't fit in, the entire puzzle doesn't connect.