Various Other Projects

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Wedding (Save the Date)
Wedding Cake Presentation Wallpaper
Wedding (Thank You Front)
Baby Shower (Circus)
Underhill Baby
Spectrum (Cover)
Seascape (Tritych)
White Space Giraffe
White Space Elephant
White Space Penguin
White Space Tiger
White Space Zebra
White Space Bear
Letterform Elephant
Wedding Announcements

These were created using Photoshop and Illustrator.

The cake was projected onto a large display screen at the church while guests were walking in.

The thank you card was a blend of a few ideas and the photos were taken by

Czap Studios.

Baby Shower Invite 1

The mother-to-be does aerial circus arts, and wanted a fun circus themed invite for her baby shower.

This was a fun project and was printed out on textured paper to better represent the texture I put into the design.

Created using Photoshop and Illustrator.

Baby Shower Invite 2

My current employer does in-house and external design jobs and I was tasked to match a similar design.

This was printed out on sparkling paper to better pull out the images.

Created using Photoshop and Illustrator.

Spectrum Cover

This was another mockup, but this time for an in-class assignment while in school.

We were learning about magazine designs and layouts, and Spectrum is a fictional magazine for Specs Howard School for the Media Arts.

I built it using photos take around the campus, and used Photoshop and Illustrator.

Seascape Triptych

This was created merely for my own enjoyment. I wanted to try and build a triptych that could potentially be hung in separate pieces on a wall somewhere.

99% of the piece was done in Illustrator. I finished it in Photoshop to add the clouds.

Whitespace Animal Art


These are all for my enjoyment as well. I like white space / imaginary lines, and wanted to get better at Illustrator's pen tool.

If you look closely, there are no outlines of the shape of each animal. Only the stripes or spots create the shapes and curves. Our eyes fill in the rest and assume there is a shape for the animal.


Event Posters


A lot of the early work I received was from friends in bands who wanted promotional posters made.

Corporate Advertising

These are examples of postcards, magazine ads, and brochures.


Freelance & Work

These were created while freelancing or for work projects over the last few years.

Album Artwork

These were album covers created for bands that I am friends with
(or was in at the time).

Branding & Communications

These are logos and corporate touchpoints created for freelance clients.

Various Other Projects

This is basically an everything else folder ranging from wedding invites to white space animals.

Web Design

These are some of the websites / emails I've designed and built or helped work on for freelance clients.

Freelance Videos

Two commercials made for Adams St. Publishing, which aired on WTOL 24, the CBS affiliate in Toledo, OH.