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DDoP Poster 2016
Let's Save Michigan
Best of Toledo Award 2015
Christmas Compilation 2014

My graphic and web design style focuses on clean layouts that utilize negative space, but also has a very modern style. I don't like to over design. I'm always searching for rhythm and balance.



Super Mario Brothers

I grew up with Nintendo so I had to re-do this!


This was all midi sounds built over a drum loop.

We Can Work It Out

Recorded before I had multi-track. I would make one track, then play it back and record another



I always wanted to own a million dollar music studio, but when talking to a friend who does own one, he mentioned there is a lot of overhead, and freelancing or setting up a nice home studio was probably the way to go now, since I wouldn't have to take all clients, and could be more selective. While shopping for a house in 2012, a good space to create a studio was on the list.

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Best of Toledo Award 2015

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