ameristos. musician. human.

I started playing piano at age five, lessons at six when I would play my older sister's lesson by ear. In grade five (approx. 9-10 years old), I started playing alto & tenor sax. By 14, I had my first guitar, left to me when my papaw passed away. In college, I studied and have a degree in guitar and jazz theory and continue learning anything I can today.

Over the years, I've added drums, clarinet, trumpet, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, upright bass and violin to the fold.

Check out my Past Projects for more info and songs. Live videos can be found on the Theater page.

I adore scales and modes, but since I play in a lot of musical theater orchestra pit productions, my role isn't always to stand out. Ego kills talent. I am a piece of the puzzle, and each piece is different and unique, but also need the other pieces to become whole. 


My Recordings


These are recordings I make in my home studio. They're definitely just for the fun!

The Classics Band

I played guitar for The Classics & Bel-Airs from 2005-2008.


I played guitar for Hook'd from 2010-2011.

Dragon Wagon

I played bass from

2011-2013. We released an album in 2012.


I played guitar for

The DKB from 2012-2019.


I played guitar in Capaul from 2013-2020. We released an album in 2016.



I ghost recorded the music, doing all the instruments, production, mixing, lyric edits, etc from 2020-2021

Church / Worship Team

I play guitar on Sundays in worship services. I started in March 2013.

Eastside Jazz Collective

I play guitar in the EJC, starting in 2017.

Theater Orchestra

I play guitar and bass (as indicated) in musical theater productions.

The New Normals

I played guitar for

The New Normals in 2017.