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I started playing piano at age five, lessons at six when I would play my older sister's lesson by ear. In grade five (approx. 9-10 years old), I started playing alto & tenor sax. By 14, I had my first guitar, left to me when my papaw passed away. In college, I studied and have a degree in guitar and jazz theory and continue learning anything I can today.

Over the years, I've added drums, clarinet, trumpet, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, upright bass and violin to the fold.


I was born in Dearborn, Michigan, and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, (sorta, called Westland). I now have come to appreciate the blue collar work-ethic that I picked up and conduct my life by today.

I have been in many, many shows, bands and groups. Check out my Past Projects for more info and media.


I'd consider myself a guitarist with a saxophonist's mentality. I adore scales and modes, but since I play in a lot of musical theater orchestra pit productions, I know my role isn't always to stand out. I firmly believe ego kills talent. I am a piece of the puzzle, and each piece is different and unique, but also need the other pieces to become whole. 


My Recordings


These are recordings I make in my home studio. They're definitely just for the fun!

The Classics Band

I played guitar for The Classics & Bel-Airs from 2005-2008.


I played guitar for Hook'd from 2010-2011.

Dragon Wagon

I played bass from

2011-2013. We released an album in 2012.


I played guitar for

The DKB from 2012-2019.


I play guitar in

Capaul, starting in 2013. We released an album in 2016.


Church / Worship Team

I play guitar on Sundays in worship services. I started in March 2013.

The Jazz Bums

I play guitar in The Jazz Bums, starting in 2017.

Theater Orchestra

I play guitar and bass (as indicated) in musical theater productions.

The New Normals

I played guitar for

The New Normals in 2017.  

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