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I hope to showcase some of my original music. I am manic at times with my originals, often moving onto the next before one gets completed. I have a lot of song ideas, love many different genres of music, and want to get my ideas down before they are gone. I'm not trying to become famous or get a record deal. I simply enjoy the creative process of playing / recording music. I play everything on each song unless noted.

October 26, 2013
Super Mario Brothers (Theme)


I believe it's originally in C Major, but I arranged it into E Major so it'll sit nicely on the guitar.


I am working on some other Mario themes too... Any suggestions?


These were recorded live with no overdubs.


The only studio work was levels, eq, reverb and delay.

May-June 2020
Words That Rhyme

This was a silly project based on my 6 year old's school project of coming up with rhyming words. I had his mom help him make a list, and that's where we started.

He made up a song singing, these are the rhyming words, and I asked, can we change to these are the words that rhyme.

After that, I had a riff that fit perfectly. He wanted the breakdown section, telling me what it had to sound like. We had some rhymes we've been saying to each other for years like, see ya later Darth Vader.

The rest is kindergarten heaven...


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